Personal Training & Health Coaching

Y Wellness & Weight Loss Challenge

We are pleased to partner with Sarah Banner of Cornerstone Health & Lifestyle Solutions to offer this 30 day challenge to improve your overall health!

The program includes:

  • 1 month of individualized health coaching/wellness counseling with Certified Natural Health Practitioner (CNHP), Sarah Banner
  • Supervised custom detox program
  • Supplement education (supplements not included in program fee)
  • Health & fitness assessment
  • 30 PT session each week with Certified Personal Trainer, Bea Jarbeck-Burk

Fee: Members – $125.00       Non-Members – $175.00
Register with the front desk or online anytime between June 15 & July 15. Sarah will contact you to get your 30 day challenge started.

For more information, contact Sarah at 412-339-3992 or

Personal Training: 30-60 min

Bea Jarbeck-Burk, M.ED, ATC, CPT Director of Fitness

Personalized workout sessions with a certified trainer are a safe and effective way to help you reach your fitness goals through:

  • baseline & follow-up fitness assessment
  • short & long term fitness goal setting
  • resistance training
  • cardiovascular training
  • plyometric, agility, & power training

Our trainers are experts in customizing training sessions to:

  • improve overall health & fitness
  • train from couch to 5k
  • improve sport performance & training
  • complete a fitness challenge
  • reach your fitness goals

Training Rates: Sessions may be used for Personal Training and/or Nutrition Consultations.
8 Sessions: $240
16 Sessions: $400
32 Sessions: $640

Semi-Private PT – Partner with a friend, teammate, or family member for your sessions.
8 Sessions: $180/member
16 Sessions: $300/member
32 Sessions: $480/member

Contact us to schedule a FREE trial personal training session: or 724-547-9622.

Nutrition Consult: 60 min

Missy Troxell, RDT

Personalized nutrition consults are an effective way to promote a positive lifestyle change through:

  • past & current dietary review
  • food log maintenance & review
  • short & long-term nutrition goal setting
  • tips for food shopping and menu planning

 Our GOAL is to provide you with the tools and training needed to make lifelong fitness and dietary change to help you reach your goals and improve your life!

Individual Nutrition Consult: $25