Fitness Center

Members age 15 & up are welcome to use the fitness center immediately after joining.  We recommend each member meet with our Fitness Coaches for a fitness assessment & orientation, but it is not required.

New members receive:

  1. 2 Fitness Assessments – An initial assessment will determine your current fitness status & will provide you and Y staff with baseline information. A comparison assessment is done 16 weeks after your initial assessment.
  2. An individually designed workout program.
  3. Meeting with a Fitness Coach every 4 weeks for workout progression during a 16 week program.
  4. An orientation to fitness center facility & equipment.

Fitness Assessment parameters tested are: heart rate, blood pressure, cardiovascular testing, strength, flexibility, body weight, & body fat assessment.

Personal Training sessions are available for purchase for more personalized workout sessions with a certified trainer.

Youth Members ages 12-14 must meet with our fitness staff to complete a youth weight training orientation before working out independently. Meet with a Fitness Coach for hands on instruction to familiarize yourself with the fitness center equipment & regulations. Youth begin with body resisted workouts; basic lifting techniques and safety will be emphasized.

Youth ages 11 & under are not permitted in the fitness center at any time.