Financial Assistance

YMCAs are vital charitable organizations that want all people to feel welcome regardless of their personal circumstances. Perhaps its job loss, an extended illness, divorce – or any number of unforeseen situations – that cause an individual or a family to re-evaluate their involvement at the Y. It’s in these most stressful times that the Y can be most helpful in filling the gaps until they are back on their feet.

We provide financial assistance (FA) for Y membership and program fees to ensure that all people have equal access to Y programs and services. Scholarships are provided for qualifying applicants within our means.

We are able to provide this financial assistance through the generous donations of our members and friends of the Y through our Annual Campaign, as well as annual fundraisers like the Annual Golf Classic & Basket Bonanza.  If fees prove to be an obstacle to your Y participation, please fill out the application below.

Financial Assistance Application

What you need to know before applying:

  • Applications without income documentation (1040 tax form) will be denied.
  • Please allow 5 business days for application processing.
  • All documentation provided will be shredded upon determination of FA award.
  • FA reduces fees; it does not eliminate them.
  • FA is granted on 12 month basis & must be renewed prior to exp date.
  • Delinquent payments will result in revocation of FA award.
  • Membership & program fees are subject to change.
  • Some programs are excluded from assistance or limited in the amount of assistance we can offer.

WHAT IF I DO NOT HAVE A 1040 OR 1040EZ? Please review the options below for a solution regarding your specific circumstance:

  • You are unable to locate your tax form: Contact your tax preparer or call the IRS at 800-829-1040
  • I did not file taxes last year: For each income earner who contributes to the household, we require copies of W2s or copies of one month of current pay stubs showing gross income. Please write that you did not file taxes on your application.
  • Your household received government assistance: Please bring copies of your statements.