Y-Tots Preschool
  Welcome to the YMCA of Laurel Highlands Y-Tot Preschool! The first five years in your child’s life are the most formative ones in his/her entire development. We hope that your family, and especially your children, can feel at home in all of our preschool centers. We assure you that our nurturing, friendly staff will make your time here an experience to remember.
  We encourage your child to explore, ask questions, be creative, and make choices and decisions. We offer an environment in which your child can feel secure to practice social skills and to learn to solve conflicts constructively.
  Our curriculum includes the following areas:
  Language Development
Sensory Play
Dramatic Play
Science & Discovery
Creative Experience
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
  Special Events
  Special activities involving Thanksgiving studies
School Pictures
Holiday Parties
End of the Year Ceremonies for Little Tots and 2 Day classes
Graduation Ceremony for Pre-Kindergarten(3 Day) classes
  As a member of the YMCA of Laurel Highlands Y-Tot team of teachers, each YMCA staff member accepts the responsibility of ensuring the safety of every child; of respecting the values and diversity each family holds; of caring for each child with warmth and compassion; and always demonstrating honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.
  Preschool Programs and Fees
  Y-Tots preschools are located in Mt. Pleasant and Scottdale. Class enrollment is limited and a registration fee of $25 is required for all classes.
  Pre-Kindergarten (3 Day) Classes:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  Scottdale 9:15am-1:15pm $115.00/month
YMCA  9:15am-1:15pm $115.00/month
  2 Day Classes (3 & 4 year olds):
Tuesday & Thursday
  YMCA 9:15am-12:15pm $80.00/month
12:30pm-3:30pm $80.00/month
Scottdale 9:15am-12:15pm $75.00/month
  Little Tots (2 year olds)
  This class is designed for 2 year olds. The activities focus on music, group participation, storytelling, nursery rhymes, simple crafts and free play. Children learn social skills, following directions and sharing as well as shapes, alphabet and counting skills.
  Tuesday & Thursday
YMCA 9:30am-11:30am $65.00/month
Before & After School
Before & After School care is currently offered at Southmoreland Elementary School & Norvelt Elementary.

Contact Cindi Huffman at 724-547-9622 to set up an orientation.